I am a member of the media and would like more information about your company, title(s), or author(s).

Thank you for your interest. Our promotions department can answer your questions. Call us and ask the promotions department or e-mail promo@pineapplepress.com

I would like a desk or review copy of a title.

We are glad to honor such requests from the media, educational institutions, and other interested entities. Please e-mail or fax us, on your letterhead, a written request letting us know your purpose.

I would like to set up an author signing.

Our promotions department will be glad to answer any questions and get you in touch with the author(s). Call us and ask for the promotions department or e-mail promo@pineapplepress.com. Once your event is set, contact the orders department to order books (see general contact information below).

I would like to invite a Pineapple Press author to speak at our event.

Please contact our promotions department at promo@pineapplepress.com with the following information:

  • Description of your organization and event
  • Date, place, and duration of event
  • Whether your organization will cover travel expenses and/or speaking fees

I would like to contact a Pineapple Press author

Check the author’s page for any direct contact information.

For media coverage or promotional purposes, please contact our promotions department by calling us and asking for the promotions department or e-mailing promo@pineapplepress.com.

Individuals: please write to the author in care of Pineapple Press to the general e-mail or post office box address. We will be happy to forward your letter.

How do I order books from Pineapple Press?

Please see our updated order information here.

If you are a trading partner, you can view our customer notification letter here.

How do I get my book published?

To have Pineapple Press consider your manuscript for publication, please submit a query following our manuscript submission guidelines.

For general information on getting a book published, please refer to the many resources available on the internet or your public library. The Writer’s Market is a widely-used and easy-to-find reference.

Please note that we are not a print-on-demand or vanity printer. We are a publishing house with a selective program focused (though not exclusively) on titles that relate to Florida.

How do I get my book copyrighted?

Please refer to the Web site of the United States Copyright Office at the Library of Congress, http://www.loc.gov/copyright. If we publish your book, we will register the copyright for you.

Will Pineapple Press consider my manuscript for publication?

We specialize in Florida titles but will consider queries that follow our manuscript submission guidelines.

I submitted a query but haven’t heard back from you yet.

We appreciate your interest in our press. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the staff to handle submission inquiries by phone or in person. You will hear from us in six to eight weeks after we receive your query. Thank you for your patience!

I would like permission to use material from a Pineapple Press book.

Write to us on your letterhead with the following information:

Title, author, and copyright date of the book from which you wish to use material, and the use to which it will be put. If you wish to reprint text, you must give exactly what text will be used, including page numbers. If you wish to use images, please describe them and give page number. For images, we may ask you to contact the artist or photographer as we sometimes hold only one-time usage rights.

We will also need the publication date (if known), price, and print run of book or other medium in which the requested material will appear.

Send your request to Permissions, Pineapple Press, P.O. Box 3889, Sarasota, FL 34230, or fax to (941) 706-2509.

I would like to inquire about subsidiary rights for a Pineapple Press book.

Please call us at (800) 746-3275 and ask to speak with the subsidiary rights department.