Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Pineapple Press, Inc.
June Cussen, Editor
P.O. Box 3889
Sarasota, FL 34230

Most of our books are Florida nonfiction. We also publish a few literary novels and some general nonfiction. Almost all of our fiction is set in Florida. We also publish books about lighthouses.

Our only children’s books are on Florida topics for Florida schools. We publish a few Florida-related cookbooks. We do not publish genre fiction (mysteries, romances, science fiction, action/adventure, Westerns) unless they are strongly Florida-related.

Send submissions via US mail to our post office box. Do not send registered or certified or in any way requiring a signature. These packages will not be picked up as they require waiting in long lines at the post office.


Please send:

  1. query letter describing your manuscript and yourself (any previous publications, etc.). It should be brief and state specifically what you have to offer in the first paragraph (e.g., a historical novel, a mainstream love story, an experimental novel). Also please give the title. Though you may prefer not to categorize your work, please try.
  2. brief (one-page) synopsis
  3. sample chapters, including first
  4. Self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for anything you want returned. Many writers are now sending SASE for the reply letter only. Paper is recycled. If there is no SASE included, we will NOT answer and will assume the materials can be recycled. We can respond either by using your reply envelope or via email if you provide an email address.


Please send:

  1. query letter describing your manuscript and why you are qualified to write it. Please give the title.
  2. table of contents
  3. sample chapters, including introduction
  4. proposed market for this book
  5. listing of other books on or near this topic, with an explanation of how yours is different, better, targeted to a specific group, etc.
  6. SASE (as above)

Please make sure that your manuscript is easy on the eyes. Manuscripts in all caps or single-spaced will not be read. We prefer manuscripts available on disk, but we do not read from computer disks until quite far into the editorial process. Please tape rather than staple your mailer.

We accept simultaneous submissions.

We usually reply within eight weeks.

We feel it is important for you to know in advance that if our decision is negative, you will receive a form rejection letter. This procedure enables us to reduce the time it takes to respond to submissions, time we can devote to reviewing more submissions.

Thanks for your interest in Pineapple Press.
June Cussen, Editor