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Traveling Florida’s Seminole Trail

Complete Guide to Seminole Indian Historic and Cultural Sites

Doug Alderson

About this book
The guide covers all parts of the state that can be visited today, including the old Negro Fort site in the Panhandle, the Alachua Savannah near Gainesville, the Dade Battlefield in Bushnell, the Smallwood Store in the Ten Thousand Islands, Indian Key in the Florida Keys, and the destroyed sugar plantations near St. Augustine. Hear the sounds of gunfire and war whoops at annual reenactments and feel the log walls of carefully reconstructed forts that guarded early travel routes. Walk ancient village sites and gaze in wonder at how Seminole prisoners escaped through a tiny window at Fort Marion in St. Augustine. So, whether you start your journey down the Seminole Trail as an armchair adventurer or seek to visit the sites in person, this unique guide will give greater understanding to the prominent role of Seminole Indians in the place we call Florida. New information includes:

  • The Mala Compra Plantation
  • The Seminole War Memorial in St. Augustine
  • Museums throughout Florida that feature Seminole exhibits.
About this author
Doug Alderson is the author of several Pineapple Press Books including Spooky Stories from the Swamp scheduled for publication in August of 2020 and A New Guide to Old Florida Attractions scheduled for publication in November of 2020. He is the winner of six first place honors in the annual National Recreation Trails photo contests. He has also published articles in Native Peoples, Shaman’s Drum, Wildlife Conservation, American Forests, Sea Kayaker, Mother Earth News and Sierra.