Rowman & Littlefield Acquires Pineapple Press

Lanham, MD — Pineapple Press has been purchased by the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc. effective July 13, 2018. Rowman & Littlefield is an independent book publisher founded in 1949 and headquartered outside Washington, D.C. Pineapple Press was founded in 1982 by June and David Cussen. Based in Sarasota, Florida, the company is the  >> READ MORE

Pineapple has two 2018 Florida Book Award winners!

About the Florida Book Awards The awards program is coordinated by the Florida State University Libraries and co-sponsored by the Florida Center for the Book, the State Library and Archives of Florida, the Florida Historical Society, the Florida Humanities Council, the Florida Literary Arts Coalition, the Florida Library Association, “Just Read, Florida!,” the Florida Association  >> READ MORE

Cracker Thursday: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and the Florida Crackers

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings loved to tell stories, even when she was a young child. When she learned how to write, she wrote stories on anything that was handy. If she couldn’t find a sheet of paper, she would write on paper bags! Her parents were delighted by her interest, and told her that she didn’t  >> READ MORE

Ghosts Wednesday: Haunting Sunshine

On being confronted by a ghost, no one seems to want to reach out and try to touch it; neither do the ghosts try to do the same. This brings up the question of how we look to ghosts – is their world as real to them as ours is to us – are the  >> READ MORE

Travel Tuesday: The Springs of Florida

In the center of springs country, a spring with the largest known flow in the world and Florida’s first famous spring attraction—Silver Springs, in business now for more than 150 years—is now a Florida State Park. Perhaps Spanish explorers were the first tourists to Silver Springs where the hull of a small boat thought to  >> READ MORE

Poetry Monday: Twasinta’s Seminoles

So with our young Atlassa, hero-born – Free as the air within his palmy shade, The nobler traits that do the man adorn, In him were native; Not the music made In Tampa’s forests or the everglade Was fitter, than in this young Seminole Was the proud spirit which did life pervade, And glow and  >> READ MORE

History Sunday: Presidents in Florida

Cape Canaveral’s history as a space center began in 1949 when it was chosen as a testing site. Cape Canaveral was isolated, sparsely populated, and on the Atlantic Ocean: unsuccessful launches would land harmlessly in the water. Lastly, it was closer to the equator than other sites being considered. By taking full advantage of the  >> READ MORE

Gardening Saturday: Flowering Shrubs and Small Trees of Florida

A healthy mimosa tree in bloom is a spectacular sight. The low branching, open, spreading habit and lacy, fernlike foliage are attractive in themselves, but the real beauty comes when the silky pink pompom blossoms bloom. But despite the beauty of the mimosa it should be avoided. Over much of the South this tree seeds  >> READ MORE

Nature Friday: Florida’s Wetlands

Besides the climate and the weather, the surface materials of which Florida is made profoundly influence the character of its ecosystem. That there are deeply cut ravines and high banks in one area; broad lakes and flat plains in another; and caves, sinkholes, and springs in still others is due to the diversity of the  >> READ MORE

Cracker Thursday: Thunder on the St. Johns: a Cracker Western

The cabin sat back against a stand of pines halfway up a low sand hill. It was a rude affair of notched logs and hand-hewn shingles. But there was smoke rising from the clay chimney as Ramsay approached, and that meant at least some hope for warmth and shelter. Learn more about Thunder on the  >> READ MORE