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Interview with Bruce Roberts

Interview with Bruce Roberts

Photographer Bruce Roberts, photographer for Lighthouse Families and Lighthouse Ghosts, author of Just Yesterday in North Carolina, and more has been observing NC since he first arrived there in the 1950s. His work has been published in periodicals all over the country. A pioneer in the use of 35mm cameras & natural light, he has  >> READ MORE

An Honorable War — the reviews are rolling in!

From The Quarterdeck Journal ON 25 JANUARY 1898, the armored cruiser USS Maine steamed into the harbor at Havana, Cuba, passing by Morro Castle fortress on its port side, and came to anchor. Three weeks later, on a warm and humid evening, the ship mysteriously exploded, swiftly sinking, and killing nearly three quarters of her  >> READ MORE

A Land Remembered graphic novel

We’re excited to announce the beginning of a new phase for our beloved classic Florida novel, A Land Remembered. Graphic novel artist and writer Andre Frattino is working on this exciting new project, which we expect to print next year. We can’t wait to see how it turns out! Watch his progress on his blog,  >> READ MORE

Paintbrushes & Arrows eBook giveaway

In 1875, Ahkah, a 9-year-old Comanche girl, is the only child in a group of 72 Plains Indians brought to the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine for “re-education.” Callie Crump, a 14-year-old who has never so much as seen an Indian, begins to teach art classes to the prisoners. At first she is  >> READ MORE

2017 marks 70th anniversary of The Everglades, River of Grass

Before 1947, when Marjory Stoneman Douglas named the Everglades a “river of grass,” most people considered the area a vast and worthless swamp. She brought the world’s attention to the need to preserve the Everglades as the unique and magnificent place that it is. It has now been 70 years since the first publication of  >> READ MORE

St. Augustine attractions featured in new guide

From The St. Augustine Record. The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park and Marineland are featured in a new book released by Pineapple Press, “A New Guide to Old Florida Attractions: From Mermaids to Singing Towers.” The Alligator Park is Florida’s first alligator attraction. In the late 1800s, George Reddington and Felix Fire were conductor  >> READ MORE

Great Summer Reading on Florida’s Oceans

What better to read and learn about during summer than Florida’s Oceans! This young adult book features the astonishing abundance of marine life found in Florida’s offshore waters. More than 1,000 species of saltwater fish have been identified. Add to that number the invertebrates, algae, grasses, seaweeds, plankton, and all of the other creatures that  >> READ MORE

Beach snapshots

Two women headed for the water with a surfboard, Key Biscayne Credit:  State Archives of Florida, Ozzie Sweet, Florida Memory,

Florida Facts: Did You Know?

What is the most dangerous shark living in Florida waters? bull shark Photo: (Bull shark ( Carcharhinus leucas ), Gulf of Mexico, SEFSC Pascagoula Laboratory; Collection of Brandi Noble, NOAA/NMFS/SEFSC) Question from The Florida Quiz Book by Hollee Temple

Our Group Pinterest Boards

For the month of July, we’ll showcase our group Pinterest boards. The fourth one is: