He paced back and forth and finally, close to dawn, he left the camp, skulking around the base of the hammock. Travis followed.

He watched the leader slip from cover and approach the camp. He saw the man look over the wagon and the red Cracker horse tied to a tree. He saw the man stand in plain sight staring at the dying fire. Then he came back down the hill. Travis shrugged his shoulders. What the heck? He might as well check it out a little better than that.
As he crawled on his belly closer to the fire, Travis noticed several small mounds of dirt that had recently been piled up. He saw a long string running out from beneath a large limestone rock. He ducked beneath a thin wire stretched tightly between two trees, looked around and saw several more lines between other trees. Memories stirred deep inside his head. He’d seen his father set traps like this before. The whole hammock was littered with traps. When he looked up, he saw ropes dangling from tall pine trees and he smiled. He could have laughed and danced a jig. Pa was here.

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