The most distinguishable two-room early Florida house, however, was the dog-trot, a houseform created by separating the added room from the original by means of a breezy hallway. For well over a century, the dog-trot houseform has been the dominant image in most people’s minds, representing Florida Cracker architecture.
— Classic Cracker 9781561640133

Learn More about Classic Cracker: Florida’s Wood-Frame Vernacular Architecture
Winner of the 1993 LoPresti Award for excellence in art publishing. Cracker homes take the best advantage of the climate and terrain of Florida. This book provides a history of Florida wood-frame architecture, from the simplest “single-pen” homesteads to the latest homes at Seaside, and includes several floor plans for new adaptations of Classic Cracker architecture. Learn about the double-pen house, the classic dogtrot, the four-square Georgian, the Cracker townhouse, and much more with this exploration of Florida’s original architecture.

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