Ten seconds later something buzzed by my ear and I heard the crack of a rifle away off on my right. Didn’t have no time to think. I just kicked a leg free and fell to the ground on the roan’s left side, leavin’ him to keep on runnin’ up the hill. My pistol was in my hand when I hit the ground, and I rolled over three times, coming to rest facin’ the direction of the shot with the barrel layin’ acrost my left forearm.

— Riders of the Suwannee: a Cracker Western 9781561640430


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Tate Barkley returns to 1870s’ Florida after ten years on the Western frontier. He’s the kind of man trouble just naturally seems to find, and to tell the truth, he’s gotten sort of used to it by now. But Big Bill Caton and his three dozen renegades are more trouble than Tate figured on. Before his run-in with the Caton bunch, he’d halfway thought about settling down in the Florida Panhandle where he grew up. Now it seems like a better idea just to keep on riding. That is, until Tate meets Eileen McClanahan, a widow with a couple of kids, who is trying to hold on to her place on the Florida Gulf coast.  Learn more or purchase your copy today »