Once upon a time there was a Key West Conch who struck it rich. Nobody never knew whether he had hit bolita or found a pot of gold. Anyway, he and his wife decided they would live it up by taking a little trip to New York. Her husband reminded her of that old song:
Went to the Astor House to dine; Liked Mrs. Astor’s cookin’ fine!

For some reason or other she had her heart set on the Waldorf Astoria, so the Waldorf it was. But in no time at all she became fed up with the Waldorf’s haute cuisine and told her husband if he didn’t wire Key West to send up a sack of grits and a barrel of grunts, she was going home. “I guess you know that grits and grunts is us Conchs’ favorite eats.”

Well, the grits and grunts got there soon enough, and the cordon bleu French chefs at the Waldorf cooked them up, according to her directions.
So they stayed up there until the grits and grunts ran out, and then came on back to Key West and lived happily ever after.

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