Suddenly Eddie caught sight of a big fort looming in the distance. It was a six-sided building made of red brick walls eight feet thick and fifty feet high. A black iron lighthouse rose up from one of the walls. The fort was surrounded by a moat which protected it from the pounding surf.

All at once Miss Brown’s geography lesson came back to Eddie. He was at Fort Jefferson, seventy miles west of Key West! Miss Brown had said that Fort Jefferson was a miserable place of blistering heat, disease-carrying mosquitos, and utter isolation. The fort had been used as a prison and its moat cut off all means of escape. Eddie shuddered when he remembered that last fact.

The sun was setting as Bart maneuvererd the Java Mugs to Fort Jefferson’s long dock. Eddie stood on deck and gazed at the bright orange ball on the horizon. He made a wish.

I wish I may, I wish I might see the green flash tonight. I sure do need that luck T.J. was talking about.

There was no green flash that night, however. Eddie knew he’d run out of luck for sure when Bart kicked him down the stairs again and locked him inside the cabin. His heart dropped to his feet at the kidnapper’s parting words.

“Enjoy your last night on the Java Mugs!”


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