As the carriage slowly progressed toward the church, the weather conditions worsened. As he looked out the window, the young man hoped his family would be able to make it. They were coming later in the day, with hopes the heavy rain would slacken by then. The father had tried to get the son to go with them, but the groom was too anxious to sit around and wait and had gone on ahead in his own carriage.

Suddenly, the carriage slid in the mud towards the edge of the road due to the impact of the wind. As the driver tried to rein in the horses, they careened again. This time the wind and mud were enough to take them off the road. The carriage turned over several times as it plummeted down the big embankment. The impact of the fall killed both the driver and the groom-to-be.

Today, along the roads around Pawley’s Island and Murrell’s Inlet many locals claim to have seen a young man wearing a gray suit. He appears just before a fierce storm or hurricane hits the area to warn people of the approaching danger. It is also said that anyone who sees the gray suit will come to no harm.

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