“If someone tells us this once, we think, well maybe it’s true—but when we hear it so many times, and it’s always the same story, we start believing. That’s the case with the sightings of ‘the Lightkeeper.’ We hear about him over and over again. So there must be something to it, don’t you think?” She looks around and everyone nods agreeably. Sandy guides her group past us, down the twisting stairway, and we head up to meet Kathleen Steward.

Pretty and self-assured, Kathleen is a former lighthouse guide who says she really enjoys returning to the lighthouse to relive her memories, even though some of the recollections are a little disturbing. Her dark eyes flash expressively. I think she can tell this group is ready to be disturbed.

Kathleen remembers a hot, steamy morning two summers ago. She arrived at work just after daybreak, pulled her car into the deserted employee parking lot, and thought to herself, first to arrive as usual. She turned off her engine, opened the car’s door, and glanced at the top of the lighthouse.

That’s funny, she thought. Looks like I’m not the first one here after all. She shook her head, blinked her eyes, and gazed up at the tower again. Wait a minute, what’s going on?
“Here I was looking up at a man leaning over the railing,” Kathleen tells us. “He was standing just to the left of the topside door. No way that was possible.”

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