Frank Laumer is the author of two histories of U.S. Army Brevet Major Francis Dade’s soldiers, Massacre! and Dade’s Last Command. He was the first recipient of the D.B. McKay award of the Tampa Historical Society for “Distinguished Service in the Cause of Florida History.” Mr. Laumer is president of the Seminole Wars Historic Foundation and past president of the Dade Battlefield Society.

Mr. Laumer’s novel, Nobody’s Hero, is a fictionalized account of Ransom Clark’s harrowing journey back to Fort Brooke in Tampa Bay after his regiment was attacked by Seminole Indians in what became known as Dade’s Massacre in 1835. Suffering from terrible wounds, Clark managed to reach his destination and live long enough to tell his story, publishing a brief account in 1839. After 46 years of research, Mr. Laumer has painstakingly re-created Clark’s perilous, painful trek, weaving fact and fiction to create a story about determination, resilience, and courage.