On the dune-front, gulls glide above flagging sea oats. On the open beach, crabs toss sand from their burrows. And at the tide line, shorebirds busily poke and turn the clumps of seaweed. Look closer and you’ll see even greater evidence of life. The seashore is vibrant with dozens of dune-plant species; a diverse array of seashells; birds that dive, run, wade and soar; and the wrack—that ever-changing line of formerly floating drift-stuff from faraway.

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Florida’s Living Beaches — A Guide for the Curious Beachcomber

The first edition of Florida’s Living Beaches (2007) was widely praised. Now, the second edition of this supremely comprehensive guide has even more to satisfy the curious beachcomber, including expanded content and additional accounts with more than 1800 full-color photographs, maps, and illustrations.

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