• Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Part I
    • Chapter 1: Florida Life Saving Stations
    • Chapter 2: Florida Maritime History
    • Chapter 3: Mystery Wreck
    • Chapter 4: The Wreckers
    • Chapter 5: Some Noteworthy & Interesting Items
    • Chapter 6: Florida Pirates and Privateers
    • Chapter 7: Buried & Sunken Treasures
  • Part II
    • Chapter 8: Shipwrecks
    • Chapter 9: Post 1900 Shipwrecks < 50'
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary
  • Index

Product Description

More Shipwrecks of Florida is a sequel to Shipwrecks of Florida, 2nd Edition, by Steven D. Singer. The previous book was a comprehensive listing of shipwrecks around Florida, organized by location, and also covered topics like search and salvage, artifact conservation, and rights to wrecks. This new book, a companion to the other, is also a listing including more up-to-date information about the wrecks, with GPS coordinates, as well as stories of pirates and privateers, wreckers, and sunken treasure.


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A Comprehensive Listing

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