As water rises through and blows sand from the bottom of a headspring pool, it enters a world brilliant with sunlight, lush with the green of vegetation and teeming with aquatic life. The underwater landscapes of springs take on many forms ranging from small sand depressions a few yards wide to immense current-filled basins hued in blue and rimmed with cliffs of sculptured limestone and swaying plants.

— Springs of Florida 3rd Edition 9781561649693


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Rainbow Springs State Park, Marion County

The deepest and largest known springs in the world are found in Florida. This book is a guided tour of theese beautiful environments, offering many rare underwater photographs. Beginning with a history of the formation of Florida’s springs eons ago and ending with a strong caution on cave diving safety, the reader journeys through these crystal realms, the emphasis always on the natural inhabitants. With many striking photos of these creatures in their natural habitat, this book also serves as a field guide for identification. The photographs represent hundreds of hours of underwater exploration.

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